St. Perran’s Church

Service Times
St. Perran’s originated as a mission church, in a temporary building, under the parish church of St. Luke in 1874 – it kept its own registers from 1894, and a re-opening service after closure for renovation was held on 14 May 1896.

Sadly, the original church was destroyed by fire in 1966; a replacement hall-church opened on 9 September 1967.

The building has been shared with Roose Methodists from 1991 (following the closure of the Stonedyke Methodist Chapel).


Holy Communion – 8.30am
Third Sunday of month – Team Service – 10am
Held in rotation across Team

What will a service be like?
Where is St. Perran’s?
The Sunday service at St. Perran’s is a short, said (no music) celebration of Holy Communion, or ‘The Lord’s Supper’, using Common Worship.

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