Team News and Events

‘Disciples Together’

The five sessions making up the SHAPE course aim to enable people to understand the unique ‘shape’ God has made them, and how He might want to use them – this will involve looking at:

  • Your Spiritual Gifts – what God has given to you
  • Your Heart’s Desire – what motivates and excites you
  • Your Abilities – your talents, knowledge and skills
  • Your Personality – your character, qualities and strengths; and
  • Your Experience – what you’ve gained from your life experience

The sessions will be led by Linda and Steve at St. Aidan’s Vicarage, and will run on a Tuesday afternoon (from 3pm until no later than 5pm) from 8th January until 5th February – a sandwich tea will be provided.

Please speak to either Linda or Steve if you are interested in attending.

‘Disciples Together’ will seek to enable us to:

  • explore what it means to be members of the Body of Christ locally
  • ask ‘What is the Church for?’
  • ask ‘Are we really growing disciples’
  • consider our strengths and weaknesses as disciple-growing churches, and
  • spark ideas for future action together in our church communities

The meetings planned will be informal and informative, and there will be the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the following areas:

Maturity of Faith
Tuesday 19th February – 7.30pm or Thursday 21st February – 2pm

Prayer and Worship
Monday 25th February – 7.30pm or Thursday 28th February – 2pm

Quality of Relationships
Tuesday 5th March – 7.30pm or Thursday 7th March – 2pm

Community Engagement
Monday 11th March – 7.30pm or Thursday 14th March – 2pm

Tuesday 19th March – 7.30pm or Thursday 21st March – 2pm

All evening meetings will be at The Rectory, 98 Roose Road – all afternoon meetings will be in St. George’s Hall – all are welcome!


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